The activities of the ZZT (Zwingli Centre Toggenburg) provide you with a variety of options for visitor programmes tailored to your interests. Visitors can also take part in particular events organised by the ZZT or its partners. The ZZT’s activities address the issues facing us today, ones on which Zwingli and other reformers made clear pronouncements, albeit in a somewhat different context.

The ZZT’s activities include visitor programmes for young people (e.g. a one-day educational programme for secondary schools and academic upper secondary schools), senior citizens, companies and organisations.

The ZZT’s partners include the local tourist office, Toggenburg Tourismus, KlangWelt Toggenburg (Toggenburg World of Sound), Toggenburger Museum Lichtensteig and the Zwinglianische Gesellschaft (Zwingli Society).

The future: the ZZT 2020 project

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